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Revisioning Community

Architect, designer, and author, William McDonough, who is known for his work in sustainability, asks a powerful question, “How do we love all the children, of all species, for all time?”
Coming from the Earth Care Ministry perspective, the answer to this question sounds like an Ecotopia.  However, a sustainable community, where people are in harmony with the earth and with each other, is an essential part of a peaceful future.  What does a peaceful world that works for all look like?

Confessions of a Tree Hugger

I just finished reading Poser: My Life in Twenty-three Yoga Poses and am in awe of the author’s candor, and vulnerability by sharing the intimate details of her life.  I think revealing yourself on the page is one of the bravest things you can… Continue Reading “Confessions of a Tree Hugger”

A Couple’s Guide to Going Green

Before the month of love is out, here are some tips for people who want to go green, but are not sure how to get their partner to commit. 1. Set the Ground Rules First and foremost ask yourself why it is important for… Continue Reading “A Couple’s Guide to Going Green”