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Leaves not Logos

A few weeks ago I attended an Evolver Atlanta meeting where we discussed our nation’s food security and alternatives to eating food that has been transported an average of 1,500 miles from farm to plate. The options highlighted included farmers’ markets, organic gardening, permaculture,… Continue Reading “Leaves not Logos”

The Best Birthday Ever!

For her seventh birthday my daughter wanted to have a birthday party for all of her friends. Like her mother, she has the gene that always wants to include everyone, so the guest list was growing by the day. I was resisting the party… Continue Reading “The Best Birthday Ever!”

What it Really Means to be Green

It seems that these days, “green” is right up there with “thin” and “anti-aging” as top advertising buzz words. However, the true essence of green is not a marketing ploy; it is about conservation, sustainability, and ultimately peace. One of the best things you… Continue Reading “What it Really Means to be Green”