For decades, I have been an avid reader of environmental publications, recycled, sent e-mails about conservation to my elected officials, and strived to live lightly on the earth. In 2006, while watching An Inconvenient Truth, I learned about the possible widespread effects of global climate change, and realized this was not enough. I have since dedicated myself to helping to create a life-sustaining society.

I am a Facilitator for The Work That Reconnects.  I lead the Earth Care Team at Unity Atlanta, am a member of the Unity Worldwide Ministry Earth Care Team and on the Education Committee of Georgia Interfaith Power and Light.

This blog explores life’s interconnectedness, compelling people and projects, and weaves them into a larger discussion about how we can take positive actions to live in peace and balance with each other and the earth. Related videos can be found on this site’s YouTube page.

Beth Remmes


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