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On Being Similar

The essential elements of biomimicry Ethos, (Re)Connect, and Emulate are often the pathways into practice. These elements do not follow a linear progression, rather they mutually reinforce and strengthen biomimicry as a whole.

I had the privilege of representing Georgia Interfaith Power and Light at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta for their Earth Day service today.  Rev. Taryn Strauss gave an inspiring sermon about care for creation. She referenced Ayana Elizabeth Johnson’s All We Can Save Project, and her Venn diagram to help people… Continue Reading “”

Life creates conditions conducive to life

Spirals abound in nature. They are seen in galaxies, weather patterns, sunflowers, fiddle head ferns, pinecones, snail shells, and even in the shape of DNA – to name a few. Spirals embody a creative life force. There is movement and evolution, yet everything is… Continue Reading “Life creates conditions conducive to life”