Whether you are a weary activist in need of renewal, seeking creative ways to bring forth a sustainable world, or wanting to explore information and tools for effective action, these workshops can be customized to fit your needs and time constraints.

Active Hope: The Work that Reconnects

Based on the work of Eco-philosopher Joanna Macy, this participatory workshop is a framework for personal and social change in the face of overwhelming crises.  It is based on over four decades of community-based work with thousands of people around the world. It is designed to help you transform fear, despair, or apathy into inspiration and a sense of empowerment and collaborative action. We will  explore gratitude, anger, grief, and hope and move into a deeper understanding of how to create our best collective future. We will end the workshop with exercises to help us support one another as we go forth and work towards a more sustainable, just, and peaceful world where all beings can thrive. This workshop can be designed to take 2 hours or 2 days, or anywhere in-between.

Participant quotes:

“Beth is an amazingly talented facilitator. Her approach incorporates heart, head, and hands. She creates a safe space for participants to experience and voice their emotions, incorporates plenty of resources for increasing knowledge, and helps participants feel empowered to follow their calling in the world.”

“Active Hope helped us take information and intentions that we already had and helped us to weave them into a fresh whole, calling us to go forward. Beth was a knowledgeable and compassionate guide, leaving us with inspiration and new resources for the journey ahead.”

“I felt like my emotions were safe, as Beth gently guided me to face the overwhelm and see what was on the other side of it.”

“This workshop was a smorgasbord for my soul!”

“I arrived feeling a lot of despair for our future.  This workshop helped me see that I am not alone.  I saw that connecting with others energized, motivated and inspired me to recommit to activism with renewed passion and commitment.”

“This workshop provides a safe place to process difficult feelings and emotions. A perfect vehicle for change and growth.”

“These concepts and practices really hit home, and Beth knows how to move groups skillfully through the spiral.”

“You come away feeling renewed and encouraged.”

“A way to open your awareness to yourself and the world community around you.”

“This workshop shifted me to a more hopeful place with a greater commitment to action.”

“Beth leads you through the darkness into the light.”

“As you will learn in the workshop, the heart needs to be engaged to fuel “the work.” This workshop will fill you with energy.”

Awakening the Dreamer 

Created by The Pachamama Alliance, Awakening the Dreamer is a transformative educational program that explores the challenges facing humanity at this critical moment in time and the opportunities we as a human family have to create a new future. Click here for my facilitator page. This workshop can be customized to run for 2 hours – 5 hours.

Sustainability 101

Join me as we take a look at a day in the life of an average American consumer for a step-by-step guide to some of the easy and affordable changes that we can make to be more environmentally conscious. We will also take an Eco Footprint Quiz to analyze out individual impact on the earth and brainstorm fun ways to lighten our step. Approximately 1 hour

You Make a Difference!

Best suited for middle school and high school students, this PowerPoint presentation, followed by Q&A, gives students some practical tips on how they can make a positive difference in the environment and provides resources for further exploration and action.  Approximately 1 hour

 Cost of Workshops

I would love to come to your community and share these practices. The cost of a workshop depends on time, location, number of participants, and supplies if necessary.

Please contact me for more information: beth@earthspiritaction.

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