Begin Again

I am resurrecting a blog that I started about seven years ago when my business, Zola Goods, was still on-line. Even then, my posts were few and far between, but this time around I hope to be more generative.

However, I feel like I can’t truly “Begin Again” without talking about my last venture.

When Zola went online in the spring of 2008, I was hopeful that it would help educate people about environmental issues, empower women by showing them that since they are responsible for buying at least 80% of household goods, their buying decisions have the potential to influence what products are available in the marketplace, and make it easy and affordable for people to make more sustainable choices. Here’s a video from the early days.


Six years later, due to a groundswell of environmental organizations, products, and services (and subsequent marketing), people went from wondering what it meant to “be green,” to hearing terms like “green washing” and “green fatigue.”

While both the awareness of environmental issues and more eco-friendly alternatives have increased, I still feel like we are a long way from a truly a sustainable future. Over the seven years that Zola was online, what I enjoyed most was opportunity to teach people about the impact of their actions and to see them make the connections between what they buy and how their individual actions really do add up.

As many green products became readily available, along numerous outlets in which to purchase them, I felt ready to phase out the retail aspect of Zola.

While Zola did not evolve into as successful of a business as I had initially hoped, I am proud of the authenticity, transparency, and integrity of the products and message and it was a tremendous learning experience.

After Zola Goods went offline at the end of 2014, I have continued to be involved with environmental education, earth care programs, and activism. I also worked in marketing for Conservation Mart.

My “Begin Again” is focused on what I loved most about Zola, which was educating and empowering groups of people. I am now developing and teaching workshops based on The Work that Reconnects, Awakening the Dreamer, sustainability, and other nature-based programs. The Workshop section of this website contains more information about these programs.

Thank you for once again sharing this journey with me!

2 Comments on “Begin Again

  1. I appreciate your message Beth. And I look forward to reading more of your blogs. I am with you in your environmental work. We have along way to go, but every little bit helps the planet and our world.

    • Thank you Mandy! You are more than doing your part! Thank you for all that you do to support our local food economy.

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