Change the Story, Change the Future

Within the last year, I have met some of my favorite thinkers/authors; Joanna Macy, Anne Lamott, Charles Eisenstein, Paul Hawken, and today I met David Korten.

Atlanta Shambhala Meditation Center hosted Korten’s fascinating discussion which began by contemplating the idea that we are the only species seemingly choosing self-extinction yet we may be the hope for the earth’s healing, and if so, what is our role and responsibility in the unfolding of creation? We also looked at how different cosmologies inform world views and questioned why money is given such power, when we should be striving for material sufficiency and spiritual abundance and the deep satisfaction that comes from knowing that we serve life – not money. Read More

Witch Hunt

For months now, the President has referred to allegations against him as a witch hunt. As with many things that he has done and tweeted over the last six excruciating months, this comparison has left an acrid taste in my mouth. Far from being a victim, he is actually much more similar to the perpetrators of witch hunts which have led to tens, if not hundreds of thousands of deaths and have caused irreparable harm to healing traditions, ancient customs, and women’s place in the world. Read More

Reflections on The People’s Climate March

I often vacillate between the sacred and profane and my experience at the People’s Climate March was no exception.

When the line-up came out for the march, I was so moved by the care and collaboration that went into the plan. I looked at it and thought that I could be with the Guardians, Keepers of Faith or Many Struggles, One Home.


Part of me felt most drawn to the first two, but the sign that I was inspired to make and the fact that I was marching with our local Sierra Club chapter, landed me in the last section. Read More