When Spirit Meets Action

During this time of growing uncertainty, as climate catastrophe looms, and the inequality and dysfunction of social and political systems are exposed, it is more important than ever be in a supportive community which inspires creativity, courage, and collective action.

I am so grateful that I, in conjunction with Georgia Interfaith Power and Light (GIPL), have had the opportunity in 2017 to bring the Active Hope Workshop, based on The Work that Reconnects by Joanna Macy, to the following faith and environmental communities:

Emerson, Georgia Mountains, Northwest, and Gwinnett Unitarian Universalist Congregations, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Unity Atlanta, The Yoga Source, Shambhala Meditation Center of Atlanta, Friends Meeting in Birmingham, Get off the Grid Fest, Carrollton Water Keepers, Georgia Sierra Club, and Emory CREATE Conference.

In addition to helping participants come away feeling, “Hopeful, empowered, renewed, and encouraged,” the Four Directions Fund at GIPL allows us to support projects that are either conceived of, or clarified as a result of the Active Hope Workshop. We have been delighted to support the following projects:

Guardians of Gaia Production

Our Watersheds, Our Lives: A Community Celebration in Carrollton

Sunflower Planting for Soil Remediation

Tree Plantings in Yahoola Creek Park and in Guatemala

Butterfly Garden at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in LaGrange

Building and Installing Bat Houses with Youth Groups in North Georgia Read More

Change the Story, Change the Future

Within the last year, I have met some of my favorite thinkers/authors; Joanna Macy, Anne Lamott, Charles Eisenstein, Paul Hawken, and today I met David Korten.

Atlanta Shambhala Meditation Center hosted Korten’s fascinating discussion which began by contemplating the idea that we are the only species seemingly choosing self-extinction yet we may be the hope for the earth’s healing, and if so, what is our role and responsibility in the unfolding of creation? We also looked at how different cosmologies inform world views and questioned why money is given such power, when we should be striving for material sufficiency and spiritual abundance and the deep satisfaction that comes from knowing that we serve life – not money. Read More

Witch Hunt

For months now, the President has referred to allegations against him as a witch hunt. As with many things that he has done and tweeted over the last six excruciating months, this comparison has left an acrid taste in my mouth. Far from being a victim, he is actually much more similar to the perpetrators of witch hunts which have led to tens, if not hundreds of thousands of deaths and have caused irreparable harm to healing traditions, ancient customs, and women’s place in the world. Read More