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Answering the Call

Tonight I was asked to be one of the speakers at DAPL & Native America: An Evening of Discussion and Music, organized by Kaitlin Curtice.  I was there as an ally of Indigenous People and a representative of Georgia Interfaith Power and Light. I thought… Continue Reading “Answering the Call”

The Gifts of Uncertainty

To many people, I probably appear fairly laid back and as someone who goes with the flow. What they don’t know is that I harbor a secret love of spreadsheets and calendars. Whether it is organizing a practice or workshop down to the minute, or… Continue Reading “The Gifts of Uncertainty”


There are so many reasons why I wanted to join the Atlanta March for Social Justice and Women, however I decided to make a big sign that said “I’m With Her” pointing to Mother Earth, and “People, Plant, Peace, Over Profit” on the back.… Continue Reading “#WhyIMarch”