Do You Need to Update Your Operating System?

The signs were all there; slow to get started in the morning, sluggish throughout the day, limited memory, could not multi-task with as much efficiency, intermittent error messages. I noticed these ailments, but was comfortable with the known, and saw them more as inconveniences, rather than indicators of a serious problem.

And then the inevitable happened.  A few hours before going to the airport for a week-long trip, I plugged in my ipod to download the latest episodes of Eco Trip, and after numerous failed connection attempts the screen flashed blue, then black, and then all fell silent.  Read More

Step by Step

This summer, two of my best friends finished Ironman competitions. They each swam for 2.4 miles, rode their bike for 112 miles and then ran a marathon – 26.2 miles. An absolutely incredible feat! The key to their success was having the goal, but then breaking down how to reach it into small, incremental steps, and training diligently to meet the milestones along the way.

As studies have showed time and time again, it is the small changes to daily habits that end up having the most lasting impact. Read More

The Best Birthday Ever!

For her seventh birthday my daughter wanted to have a birthday party for all of her friends. Like her mother, she has the gene that always wants to include everyone, so the guest list was growing by the day. I was resisting the party idea mainly because I did not want any more plastic toys – or stuff in general – to enter the house. So, inspired by an idea from one of my friends a few years ago, I decided to see if she was really in it for her friends – or for the gifts. I told her that we could have a party with all of her friends, but that instead of gifts, she would have to pick a charity and ask people to bring items or money for that cause. Without a moment’s hesitation, she said, “Sure. I want to help animals.” Read More