Listen to Your Mother

Compared to other countries around the world, America, at 233 years of age, is relatively young.  The contentious debate over climate change, and even the fact that we are debating the issue, makes us look like ungrateful, selfish little children. To the world, the US must appear like a child stomping his feet on the floor, with his fists in the air, arguing with his mother about the toys strewn all over the floor.  “They are not mine! I didn’t do it! It’s not even a mess! What about Tommy? You should see his room! Mine is clean compared to what his looks like! I shouldn’t have to do anything until he cleans up his mess first!” Sound familiar? Read More

Turtle Crossing

I bought the book, Broken Open, for a good friend who just turned forty and is going through some major life changes. Before I passed it on I read a few pages and was intrigued. I was pulled in by the honesty, courage, wisdom, and beautiful prose of author Elizabeth Lesser, cofounder of Omega Institute.

I picked up the book a week later for myself and quickly became immersed in Lesser’s story of her phoenix process and how others have been transformed by life-altering events. I think that many threads from this rich tapestry of experience and insight will stay with me for years to come, but there was one passage that particularly resonated with me. Read More

Do You Need to Update Your Operating System?

The signs were all there; slow to get started in the morning, sluggish throughout the day, limited memory, could not multi-task with as much efficiency, intermittent error messages. I noticed these ailments, but was comfortable with the known, and saw them more as inconveniences, rather than indicators of a serious problem.

And then the inevitable happened.  A few hours before going to the airport for a week-long trip, I plugged in my ipod to download the latest episodes of Eco Trip, and after numerous failed connection attempts the screen flashed blue, then black, and then all fell silent.  Read More