What is Your Comfrey?

A few weeks ago, I attended an Edible and Medicinal Plant Ramble, organized by Homestead Atlanta and guided Lorna Mauney-Brodek founder of  Herbalista.

One of the plants that we “met” was comfrey. Comfrey contains allantoin, a substance known to aid granulation and cell formation. However, it should not be used for deep wounds, because it will repair the skin, which will then grow over the deeper injury, possibly causing it to fester.

It struck me that this is a perfect metaphor for what is going on with our society right now. Because surface indicators like GDP, quarterly reports, stock markets, and employment rates have been on the rise over the last eight years, many people thought that we were healing from the economic recession and that life was improving for most Americans. Read More

10 Post-Election Strategies for Environmentalists


it’s 3:23 in the morning
and I’m awake
because my great great grandchildren
won’t let me sleep
my great great grandchildren
ask me in dreams
what did you do while the planet was plundered?
what did you do when the earth was unraveling?

Excerpt from The Hieroglyphic Stairway by Drew Dillinger

These lines came to me as I tossed in turned in the middle of the night, a week after Donald Trump won the electoral vote.

Looking at the plan that Trump said he will act upon the first 100 days,  there are some which I can support, such as withdrawing from the TPP, cleaning up corruption in Washington, and the Affordable Childcare and Eldercare Act. However there are other issues to be concerned about, such as mass deportation, what the new healthcare plan and Supreme Court could look like and recent appointments which have exacerbated fears that there is an anti-environment and alt-right agenda.

Trump’s 100 day plan details an assault on the environment: Read More

The Shambhala Prophecy

For the first time in 20 years, tears poured out of me on the yoga mat this morning. It was a mixture of emotions post-election night. I cried for the children who went to school in fear today; fear of being bullied, sexually-harassed, or deported, and for their parents who have fear in their hearts too. I cried for the Earth, the water protectors at Standing Rock, and all of those who have dedicated their lives to caring for this planet. I cried for the millions of people who will lose health care. I cried for women and for girls as we face a conservative Supreme Court, the glass ceiling still intact. I cried for people of color who are feeling even more threatened by police and the “whitelash.” I cried for the LGBTQ community. The list goes on and spirals in on itself and back out and around again.

Yet, during all of this, a few other thoughts emerged. Read More